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Bike Computers

Are you looking for a bike computer? Bike computers are a great tool for tracking your bike's speed, distance, average speed and high speed. Other features found on many bike computers include current speed; average speed, maximum speed; split time, water resistance, GPS, wireless connection to tire sensor, trip distance, temperature, clock, heart rate monitor, cadence, elapsed time, auto start/stop, an automatic power-saving mode, bike pace arrows and total pedal revolution. Most bike computers are waterproof to rain, snow, splashing and almost anything excpet total immersion. I have driven my bicycle computer through one hurricane (yes, hurricane) and many, many downpours without fail.

My Bike Computer Review by Skippy

Bike Computer Manufacturers

Cateye Bike Computers, Bike Protege Bike Computers, Planet Bike Comnputers, Bell Bike Computers, Sigma Bike Computers, Vetta Bike Computers, SDO Bike Computers, Topeak Bike Computers, Blackburn Bike Computers, and Garmin Bike Computers.

Bicycle Computers          
Bicycle Computers are great for rail trails when you need to know how far is the next B&B, campground or water stop. While many bike computers come with small cable ties we recommend buying additional mini cable ties to keep those wires from getting snagged up. They are linked on the bottom of the page.